Friday, May 25, 2012

30 Day Challenge Catch Up

I have been a neglectful blogger lately. To make up for it I have a whole bunch of 30 Day Challenge pics to post.

Day 3-Yellow 

I am not a fan of yellow so I had to find a way to make it bearable for me. My solution was to stamp over it so it's at least half another colour then coat the lot with my Frankened Seche Holo Top Coat- I've christened it Crystal Shine. I am quite pleased with the result but I still think it would have looked much better in pastel pink or violet. 

Ulta 3 Honolulu under Konad Stamping White topped with Seche Vitae Spectra Flair Franken

 Day 4- Green 

This was a major fail mani. The base is OPI Fly from the Nikki Minaj collection. It stained my fingers, my nails and everything I touched with my stained fingers after trying to remove it. I love the colour but it's hard work. It's topped with three coats of Save Me from the same collection. It looks a bit like silver Muppet fur. Next time I use Save Me I'm sticking with one coat only.

OPI Nikki Minaj  Collection- three coats of Save Me over Fly.

Day 5- Blue

This one is all Mish Mash from piCture pOlish. Multi chrome Holos, what's not to love. It's the best of everything. The feature nail is 531, the others are 533. Mish Mash are among the list of soon to be discontinued colours. Get in and get them while they're still available. American readers can find Ozotics at Llarowe

I know you're not supposed to top coat a holo but without my trusty Seche Vitae nothing lasts more than a few hours. Both colours are over black in this shot. I prefer Revlon Black Lingerie or Black Star for my multi chrome underpants.

Ozotic Mish Mash 533 with 531 for the feature nail. These work best over black.

Day 6  

Fantasy Fire by Max Factor is the star of my Violet mani. I used Revlon No Shrinking Violet for underpants. This Mani was dangerous. I could not stop looking at it even while walking. I ran into a lot of stationary objects over the few days I wore Fantasy Fire. It looks a lot like Clarins 230 (aka Unicorn Pee). The bottle is tiny and won't last long. I have plans to get my hands on more of this gorgeous colour shifting beauty. 

Max Factor Fantasy Fire over Revlon No Shrinking Violet.
It's getting late and I skipped Day 7 so I'm ending this post here. I'll post the next three tomorrow when I've finished my Black and White mani.