Tuesday, March 27, 2012

30 Day Challenge Day 2: Orange

Day two is my second least favourite nail polish colour- orange.

I decided to be literal and add fimo orange slices to accent fingers.

This is two coats of NYC Colour Peachy Keen, a singel coat of Ulta 3 Crystalina, tips Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl and Cloud 9. Seche on top as usual.

Sorry about the lack of clean up. After smearing and redoing it all twice I just want it over with and off. It's dinged all over the place and thicker than 80s acrylics.

It took forever and looks chunky and gluggy so it's definitely coming off tomorrow. I have an idea for the yellow that might actually make me forget how much I hate yellow nail polish.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge: Day One-Red

I've finally come over to the dark side and decided to hit the 30 day challenge. It will give me a chance to break into some untried reducing my excessive untrieds shame.

Day one is red. I decided to go for a holo red because my GlitterGal red has sat in my drawer for months untried. I haven't had much success with any of my GlitterGals lasting more than a day. True to form it chipped by midday the day after I applied it (which was around 10pm the night before)- less than 24 hours after application despite a coat of Seche, wrapping on every layer and babying my nails. In an effort to make the minuscule bottle last longer I undercoated with a metallic red that usually has excellent staying power before applying a single coat of GlitterGal. I'm going to have to stop being hopeful about this stuff. The formula just has no staying power. I really wanted it to work this time. It would be nice to give an Aussie company a good review.

NYC Colour (The Heat Group) Ruby Shoes as underwear for GlitterGal Red Holo. Ruby shoes is a gorgeous metallic red with fantastic one coat opaqueness.
Obligatory blurry shot to show off the holo flare. It's really pretty, pics don't do it justice. So sad that it's a one day wonder.

Yarn Love

This post is really just here so I can post this pic of some Wollmiese so I can offer it to trade for my dream nail polish- Nfu Oh Laquer 51.
Premium yarn for premium polish- a fair trade I think.