Monday, February 27, 2012

SpectraFlair Spectacular

About a month ago I invested in a gram of SpectraFlare glitter via a fellow nail enthusiast. So of course I put some in a half bottle of Seche Vitae. Best idea ever. It makes what ever I put it over into a holo.

This is my first mani using my new Instant Holo Top.

NYC Colour Australia Purple Monkey topped with Polka Dot, Instant Holo Seche, BM 206 Plate, Konad Special Polish, Silver Glitter.
And now for the artsy dark pic that shows up the holo sparkle. Apologies for the messy flooded cuticles, I'm working on learning to leave a tiny space between my cuticles and nail bed.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras!

In honour pancake day I have decided to paint my nail in traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras colours: purple, green and gold. The green is lovely bright metalic that insists on showing up blue on camera. I've tried several shots but it's the same thing every time. This camera isn't so hot on purples either.
Right Thumb- Rimmel 60 second in Green, Born Pretty nail art jewels, China Glaze fairy dust and Seche top.

Left Thumb- NYC Colour Purple Monkey under Ulta 3 Grape Shimmer, teeny beads from Born Pretty and of course China Glaze Fairy Dust and Seche top.

The purple nails are NYC colour Purple Monkey Under Ulta 3's Grap Shimmer, they're topped with China Glaze Metallic Crackle and Fairy dust. Greeen Nails are Rimmel 60 Second in Green topped with OPI Niki Mina Minaj Super Base, China Glaze Fairy Dust. Highlighted with jewels from Born Pretty and topped with Seche.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

LSG Gets Nailed Blackout Challenge Week Three- Black Tie Affair

Gliiter Gal (Pink) under BYS Quake topped with Seche in a vain attempt to keep this on for a few days. Black lace decal from Born Pretty. Check them out- they are bargain Grand Central with FREE SHIPPING. 
I was thinking more Valentines than Black Tie.
Glitter Gal are really expensive for a very small bottle. It chips and gets edge wear within hours despite being covered with Seche. I can't say it's a brand I'd buy again despite the colours being so pretty. I'm all for supporting Aussie companies but when they charge nearly triple compared to overseas equivalents I have to throw my hands up and import from eBay sellers and friendly nail polish mules. I bought about nine of them direct from the Glitter Gal site.  Because the bottle is basically a mini they only hold what I estimate to be around 6 manies. Below is a pic after two manies consisting of two very thin coats each. The brush is dreadful- it's too thin and ends up pulling off half of the previous brush stroke.

This is the edge wear I woke up sporting only 8 hours after the mani was done- I finished up with a coat of seche, read for half an hour and went to sleep. I can't imagine what I did in my sleep to get this kind of wear considering that I wrapped the nail with Seche.

Below is the chip that showed up an hour or two after waking up. The only thing I did besides surf and goof off that morning was pour myself a bowl of cornflakes and make a cup of coffee using  an automatic coffee machine that requires a couple of button pushes to make coffee. Oh how I suffer with such hard manual labour.

Chips ahoy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LSG Gets Nailed Blackout Challenge Week 2- Rockstar Nails

Thanks to Erica (a totally awesome nail polish enabler and all round sweetheart) I now have a full set of Finger Paints Special Effects. OMG The Pretty!

This week's Black Out Challenge was Rock Star nails. What could be more rock star than glitter over black? This is three coats of Special Effects on each nail over the top of NYC Colour (Australia- by The Heat Group) Night. Of course it's topped with my ever favourite Seche.

I just ordered a salon sized Seche  kit with the Restore from EBay at a great price. I'll get back to you on the seller if she turns out to be any good when it comes to service and getting it out quickly. There's already some iffiness on the  lack of promised combined postage when checking out with eleven items as one transaction.. She has OPI really cheap for us Aussies and will post to our golden shores but if postage is going to be that high then savings aren't that great. I'm hoping she'll fix up the postage issue. If not then my nail budget gets spent elsewhere.

My thumb is sporting Flashy, Twisted is on my pointer (it's the flakiest of the bunch and I think my fave), Asylum on my bird flipping finger, Motley is on my ring finger and the Pinky is wearing Flecked. I'm holding Twisted in the picture.

They don't look like much in the bottle but on the fingers they are like little opals. I'm planning on trying them over a bunch of other colours. I think they would look like white opals over NYC Colour's Angel (pearl white with a delicate gold sheen).

I officially love flaky polishes! I can't wait for my Essie Luxe Effects to get here. Gold Flakes people! GOLD!

Oh and Sweet Libertine have new gorgeous colours out and there's a sale on with big discounts on blues. Get your butt over there. You know you want your share beautiful mineral eye shadows and bargain prices. I've already blown my make up budget for the month over there. Yay for being back at work and having money to be self indulgent.