Monday, March 26, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge: Day One-Red

I've finally come over to the dark side and decided to hit the 30 day challenge. It will give me a chance to break into some untried reducing my excessive untrieds shame.

Day one is red. I decided to go for a holo red because my GlitterGal red has sat in my drawer for months untried. I haven't had much success with any of my GlitterGals lasting more than a day. True to form it chipped by midday the day after I applied it (which was around 10pm the night before)- less than 24 hours after application despite a coat of Seche, wrapping on every layer and babying my nails. In an effort to make the minuscule bottle last longer I undercoated with a metallic red that usually has excellent staying power before applying a single coat of GlitterGal. I'm going to have to stop being hopeful about this stuff. The formula just has no staying power. I really wanted it to work this time. It would be nice to give an Aussie company a good review.

NYC Colour (The Heat Group) Ruby Shoes as underwear for GlitterGal Red Holo. Ruby shoes is a gorgeous metallic red with fantastic one coat opaqueness.
Obligatory blurry shot to show off the holo flare. It's really pretty, pics don't do it justice. So sad that it's a one day wonder.

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