Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Models Own Stash and Haul

The Hoars from TFIMP rocked my world today! I ordered the treasures in the top row below to complete my Beetle Juice set plus the two HedKandi glitters and those sweet hearted angles added the Champagne Box set that I had to drop from my order because of a credit card debacle and needing to help out a family member. I am in heaven.  You guys are the best! There were also two yummo treats in there. The right size for the weekly treat my food plan allows. Thank you Knithal!
Pic Spam!

Top Row- what I ordered~ Emerald Black, Golden Green, HedKandi Ibiza Mix, Purple Blue, HedKandi Disco Heaven           Second Row- My surprise RAK- The Champagne Box Set~Sterling Silver, Lili Pink, Mystic Mauve, Champagne, Gold Rush and Green Flash.

My Original Models Own haul. 2012 Beetle Juice Box set
 There will be Mani pics from this lovely RAK posted shortly. I'm having a hard time choosing what to wear first.

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  1. your sending me half those right *wink wink* *boob fondle boob fondle*