Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Funky French Attack

  • I have a bit of a backlog of mani pics so I'm posting this lot in a batch. This is my Funky French Collection. I discovered BYS Nail Art polishes. They have this wonderful long brush that practically paints the stripe itself. This lead to a mini Funky French Obsession.

First we had the teal mani. All colours are BYS plain colours range. There were no names on the bottom of the bottles.

  • Seen here with my Sweet Libertine lip balm. They have THE BEST range of mineral eyeshadow in the world. I have over one hundred and fifty of their overshadows. They're that good. It stays where you put it all day. Even if you happen to be running around on a melting hot day. I apply mine using a brush, mixing the eyeshadow with a tiny drop of water in the lid. The colours are a little brighter when applied wet and have longer staying power. They also make stunning eyeliners.

Sweet Libertine gives out samples if you send a stamped self addressed envelope. If you're a mineral makeup newb don't bother with the samples. I highly recommend jumping in and getting one of their really reasonably priced beginner's sets to start you off. And don't forget to grab a mineral veil while you're there. If you're a mineral foundation person they're great for balancing out those too yellow colours that are a problem with some mineral brands. On those days when I'm wearing a conventional foundation I use a mineral veil to set the foundation and extend it's longevity. It goes without saying that Sweet Libertine is my hands down favourite mineral veil. There are rumours that Sweet Libertine might have a foundation in development. I can't wait.
And back on topic
  • Funky French #2- Flirting with a Dotting Tool

  • The pink is a BYS scented. I think it's Floral. This time I taped off the top, painted a BYS black stripe across then ripped off the tape before it dried.

  • After drying add a stripe of BYS Striping Polish in White and another in Chrome Silver.
  • My pointer was done using a medium sized dotting tool.
  • The dot feature on my ring finger used the second smallest tool.

Funky French #3 NYC all the way!

At this point I had discovered NYC by The Heat Group. They also make Ultra3. Both use the same formula. They are cheap and cheerful. They stay chip free on me much longer than OPI ever did. If you use the NYC Top Coat and remember to wrap the nail edge wear rarely happens.

The Purple colour is Purple Monkey the tip is Polka Dot- very sheer but shines up nicely over an opaque colour. The strip is my trusty BYS Chrome Striping Polish.

I used the usual tape and paint technique to get my tips straight.

So there you have it. My Funky French Phase. Up next is the Crackle Crack Up.

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