Monday, January 30, 2012

LSG Gets Nailed Black Out Challenge

If you're a Ravelry user you probably know about LSG. It's a no holds barred group where bad language and being awesome to one another is the creed. There's an offshoor group called LSG Gets Nailed for the nail polish obsessed knitters and hookers (crocheters). This month there's a challenge on to get us to use a little black. I've always been a little stand offish with black so I'm giving it a go.

Challenge #1
The Rorschach Test
Give me a mani that uses black to enhance or accent your look. Black lace or Pinstripes? Get your nads on! This is a great way to ease into black. I want to be seeing Rorschach all over your fingers.

So here's my attempt
NYC (Australia by The Heat Group) Metal
Konads Special Stamping Polish in Black
Seche Vitae (am addicted to the glassy look)

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