Saturday, February 18, 2012

LSG Gets Nailed Blackout Challenge Week Three- Black Tie Affair

Gliiter Gal (Pink) under BYS Quake topped with Seche in a vain attempt to keep this on for a few days. Black lace decal from Born Pretty. Check them out- they are bargain Grand Central with FREE SHIPPING. 
I was thinking more Valentines than Black Tie.
Glitter Gal are really expensive for a very small bottle. It chips and gets edge wear within hours despite being covered with Seche. I can't say it's a brand I'd buy again despite the colours being so pretty. I'm all for supporting Aussie companies but when they charge nearly triple compared to overseas equivalents I have to throw my hands up and import from eBay sellers and friendly nail polish mules. I bought about nine of them direct from the Glitter Gal site.  Because the bottle is basically a mini they only hold what I estimate to be around 6 manies. Below is a pic after two manies consisting of two very thin coats each. The brush is dreadful- it's too thin and ends up pulling off half of the previous brush stroke.

This is the edge wear I woke up sporting only 8 hours after the mani was done- I finished up with a coat of seche, read for half an hour and went to sleep. I can't imagine what I did in my sleep to get this kind of wear considering that I wrapped the nail with Seche.

Below is the chip that showed up an hour or two after waking up. The only thing I did besides surf and goof off that morning was pour myself a bowl of cornflakes and make a cup of coffee using  an automatic coffee machine that requires a couple of button pushes to make coffee. Oh how I suffer with such hard manual labour.

Chips ahoy!

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