Monday, April 16, 2012

Blogs and Stuff I love Part 1

After the Great Healthy Lifestyle Make Over That Had to Happen of April 2012 in which all of the bad food and rotten habits were shed in one great cathartic purge there are only two vices that remain in my life. They are biggies but are both good for my self esteem.

Vice #1 Nail Polish (well Duh!). I have the big love for the finger paints. My collection numbers over 400 and they are all beautiful. Having pretty nails makes me smile. Researchers released information a couple of years ago proving that smiling leads to genuine happiness and other research proves that happiness extends your lifespan, improves your over all health and boosts immunity to disease. Therefore my nail polish is good for me.

Happiness (and good health) is Layla Purple Galaxy Magnetic Polish with a Seche Holo top coat made from Spectra Flare.

 Vice #2 Eyeshadow, specifically Sweet Libertine's beautiful boutique mineral eye shadows click their name to see for yourself. These little beauties started me on the road to caring about how I look. Before I discovered them I stuck to the same purple pink cream eye shadow that made my eyes itch topped with some sad grey eyeliner and clumpy charcoal mascara. I looked the same day in day out, morning and evening. I also lacked confidence and barely kept up with keeping my regrowth in check. I just couldn't be bothered

The day I got my first package in the mail from Sweet Libertine something magical happened. I started to want to live up to these beautiful colours, for the first time ever my eyelids didn't itch when wearing make up. I played with my look and started to want to take care of myself. These wonderful little pots of potential beauty changed my life and gave me self confidence.. They work as eye shadows and as an eyeliner when mixed with a drop of water. Their staying power is legendary- especially if applied wet. Putting on make up in the morning is something to look forward to doing not a chore to get done. I now have around two hundred colours, including glitters. I've made myself a make up station in my study where I sit and pamper myself daily.

The Sweet Libertine range is original, all mineral with no additives like talc to create itchies. They're having a sale right now to clear their retired colours. Get in and get them before they're gone.

This is Dragonfly. It's a must have colour. It looks plain here but it comes to life on your skin. It shimmers blue, green and even purple. It adds instant sheen to solid neutrals when dusted over the top and as an eyeliner it looks like dragonfly wings shimmering a swirl of metallics across the lid. PS I totally stole the pic from the Sweet Libertine site.
Last of all I'd like to give a shout out to my new favourite Blog. Vintage Musings of a Modern Pin Up  Click the title to check it out. I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago. Carli has 3000+ followers. Her gorgeous Blog features nail polish and a whole lot of retro chic. There's a competition over there right now to celebrate her 3000th follower. Pop in and enter while you're over there drooling over the vintage pretties.

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