Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Glitterlicious! Happy Pink Wednesday.

I'm a sucker for anything glittery. If it sparkles I'm there. I'm also a pink princess. Yup, that's right I have just confessed to being sparkly pink princess. I own way more pink polishes than any other colour and glitter is the biggest category in my collection of 402 polishes.

Here's the sparkly pink proof.

Revlon Cotton Candy (a gift from The Mama- thanks Mum), China Glaze Fairy Dust for all over shimmer and BYS Glitterazzi Starlette for the gradient. Topped with my much loved Seche Vite.
BYS Gitterazzi is a series of glittery jellies all containing holo glitter. And now for an out of focus shot to show off the holo glitter.

Le sigh they were just getting long here. I nubbinned my nails a couple of day ago. I miss my long talons but they were splitting. I guess it was the last of the grow out from before I knew about using quality base coats and non acetone remover. The remaining nail is healthy strong and unsplit. I aim to keep them that way by giving them one day off each week with just a coat of my Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Strengthener.

PS The Sweet Libertine Sale is still on. Jump on the bargains and your last chance to get colours like the beautiful about to be gone forever X Marks the Spot.

 I use this pot of gorgeous a lot. This shimmery lilac pink can look dressed down and work ready with neutrals or princess pretty with sparkly silvers and a splash of purple.

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