Saturday, October 29, 2011

Colour Change Daisy Fest

My love for glittery nail polishes boarders on unreasonable. If it glitters and I have cash it's going to end up coming home with me. If you throw temperature colour change into the mix there will be squeeing and it will definitely be coming home with me. I get hours of amusement out of colour changers. I love watching the colour change through the day. You never know whether it will be the warm temperature or cool colour or even better a gradient like in the picture on the lower left. This mani features BYS Moods in Blue. I don't know if I'm more in love with the sky blue cool temperature colour (pictured over there on the left) or the palest ice it becomes when it's warm (pictured below right).
There was something about this blue that just said DAISIES. These decals have been languishing in my nail stamping plates box for a couple of years now. They came in a Hello Kitty show bag. I've never been a fan of decals because they often peel off so I prefer to paint or stamp images onto my nails. This time I put the decal onto not quite dry top coat, let it dry then put another coat on top. They stayed on for about four days. The polish needed daily topping off where it wore around the edges of my nails despite them being wrapped. BYS has great staying power on the nail bed but the edges usually need a lot of maintainance.
<- Gradient effect

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