Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Puffed!

I'm completely addicted to knitting these things.
They're called Hexipuffs, they're made of sock yarn scraps and they tie together to make a Bee Keeper's Quilt (it's a Tiny Owl Knits design). Sorry about the lousy webcan shot. I'm not in the mood to battle with the camera right now. It's been giving me a hard time.
Anyway my SSK (slip, slip, knit) edge is going kind of wavy. I wonder what I'm doing wrong. I'll have to take it to the forums on Ravelry to see if an expert can help me.
If you want to find out more about The Bee Keepers Quilt hop on over to Tiny Owl Knits and watch the video, buy the pattern, become addicted. This thing has become huge. There are multiple threads on multiple boards on Rav dedicated to Puffing.
Puffing helped me get my knitting mojo back. I stopped knitting for a bit which is serious for me because I'm one of those whacky knitters who knit everywhere and always have a project in my handbag. Usually if I stop knitting it's because I'm sick or there's something big happening. This time it was a prolonged respiratory illness. Knitting is a big part of my life. The whole reason I got into nails was because I liked looking at pretty nails while I knit. I'm aiming for a puff a day while working on other projects. I'm bound and determined to get my capelet finished before the end of Summer and there are a few Hermione beanies that need finishing before Giftmas.

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