Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crackle is not all it's cracked up to be

I'm in love with the look of crackle polishes but they just never work for me. Admittedly I've only tried the one type- BYS Cracked. I'd like to get my hands on other brands but haven't found it handily stocked in a nearby shop yet and can't buy online right now because my credit card was compromised and I'm waiting for a new one.
This mani has a no name brand goldish yellowish base with BYS Cracked Style Purple on top. I finished and had it well and truely dry before bed. <--This what I woke up to find. Big chunks of crackle flaked off despite coating each nail three times and wrapping with BYS top coat from my Cracked kit.
I attempted a repair which left me with patchy but acceptable results.
Less than an hour after the repair job which included running over every nail again (just in case) the big chunks flaked off again. So I scrapped the mani and started with a whole new theme.
Here's what it should have looked like. ---->

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